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Here is a walk-through of a typical Winscribe system.
Dictation can be made through a handheld device directly attached to your pc, or when mobile through a Digital Handheld Recorder. If a handheld device is not available, the dictation can be made through a telephone, internally or externally, straight to the system. PDA devices can also be used as a Digital Handheld Device.

Depending on the method of input, transferral is made through the Winscribe program situated on the user's pc, or via email etc. Winscribe can intelligently route the dictation to any transcriptionist.

If Speech Recognition is not implemented, the dictation arrives instantly at the transcriptionists' desktop. From here it is transcribed and the document returned electronically or printed.

If Speech Recognition is implemented, then the transcription is sent to the Speech Recognition system where it is transcribed. Depending on the importance of the document, it can be routed back to a transcriptionist to check for errors, which are reported back to the system. Through this the accuracy is continuously improved.

Dictate anywhere

While staff are increasingly on the move, whether it’s time spent away from the office or in transit, your organization needs to find ways of minimizing lost productivity. Ideally these solutions should be as simple to use as those you have in your office.

Winscribe offers a range of industry standard input options, including integrated desktop recording from your PC or notebook, PDA and touchtone phone systems. Because Winscribe uses digital files instead of tapes to transport dictation your work can be sent for transcription instantly from any location with internet access. Combined with Winscribe’s faster transcription turnaround, your dictation will be ready by the time you get back to the office.

Winscribe features:
Dictate and send your job from:

• Your PDA

• Your PC or notebook

• Your digital handheld device

• Your cell phone, touchtone telephone or VoIP phone

• Winscribe supports over 120 file formats

Winscribe also allows you to monitor the status of your work from anywhere. You are able to retrieve jobs for review and editing or download completed jobs which can include the transcribed document.

With Winscribe, it doesn’t matter where you are. Productivity and efficiency will never be compromised.

Spread the workload

Snowed under? Peaks and troughs in your workload? Document turnaround taking too long?

Share jobs
Winscribe’s technology is designed to enable the sharing of server hardware across any number of users or multiple sites, promoting ultimate flexibility and mobility. Information is shared between sites quickly and workloads can be interactively managed, meaning work peaks and troughs can be eliminated by work sharing.

Prioritize jobs
Jobs can be routed automatically according to rules based settings. For example, all jobs sent after hours at one location can be sent to an alternative location during shift changes. Urgent jobs can be flagged and the queue can calculate how much work there is to be done and current status.

Promote/demote jobs
Winscribe enables pending jobs to be automatically repositioned within the queue according to rules based settings. It is also possible for a supervisor to promote and demote jobs by selecting the job that they want to promote/demote and changing the priority (date or time) that they would like the job completed by.

Lower costs, raise efficiency

Increase staff productivity
With Winscribe, your organization will experience cost savings as a result of an immediate increase in company wide work sharing and productivity. Winscribe ensures dictation is available immediately to your transcriptionists which improves report turnaround time and maximizes productivity. By literally eliminating or reducing keystrokes, transcription and other administrative costs are significantly lowered.

Identify bottlenecks through reporting

With Winscribe’s reporting function you can analyze 'work load' distribution across your organization. Winscribe embeds Crystal Reporting technology to offer you up-to-the minute reporting on the status of your system. With 60 standard reports, you are able to provide detailed or summary reports on a wide variety of statistics including for example, the degree to which transcriptionists from different departments help each other out in busy periods. With such reports you are able to respond and thus improve work efficiency.

We carry reconditioned Dictaphone cassette equipment as well as other brands of reconditioned cassette equipment that are sometimes also referred to as "Dictaphone". Digital Dictation Equipment - Digital Dictation Solutions. We can accommodate any company from small to large. If you're thinking about updating to digital, give us a call. We offer Dragon voice recognition software that integrates perfectly with our dictation software. We are suppliers of Olympus digital dictation and transcription, Philips digital dictation and transcription as well as Grundig digital dictation and transcription. We also have several offerings for Enterprise software. We're conveniently located in Southern California. Our main office is in Los Angeles, CA.
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