Dahle 20741 Shredder Oil (shipped in 4 - 1 gallon bottles)


Dahle 20741 Shredder Oil (shipped in 4 - 1 gallon bottles)

Package of 4 - one gallon bottles.
Formulated for Dahle CleanTEC and Dahle Professional shredders, this oil offers high cling value and low dust retention.

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All Dahle Shredders including: 41206, 41214, 41306, 41314, 41322, 41330, 41334, 41406, 41414, 41422, 41430, 41434, 41506, 41514, 41522, 41530, 41534, 41606, 41614, 41622, 41630, 41634, 40206, 40214, 40306, 40314, 40322, 40330, 40334, 40406, 40414, 40422, 40430, 40434, 40506, 40514, 40522, 40530, 40534, 40606, 40614, 40622, 40630, 40634.

Product Description

•Keep your Dahle CleanTEC shredder happy by making sure it has oil.
•The key to maintaining your shredder at optimal performance is proper oiling. Dahle shredder oil is recommended because its specially formulated so it won't leave any residue that could attract dust and clog the shredding mechanism. When oiling your shredder, apply a fine stream of oil directly into the throat of the machine, or squirt the oil onto a sheet of paper, then shred the paper.
•The frequency a shredder needs to be oiled will vary. A Strip Cut shredder being used 1-2 hours per day will need lubrication weekly. A Cross Cut shredder should be lubricated after every hour of use.

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