Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder
Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder
Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder


Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder

The Olympus DS-4000 Digital Voice Recorder was developed around the concept: Simple, Reliable and Flexible. This Olympus recorder records digital dictation. You might even call it an Olympus Dictaphone. It works great with Dragon Speech Recognition software.

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Until the recent release of the new DS-5000 this has been Olympus’ highly successful, industry dominating, flagship professional dictation product. The DS-4000 has all of the features necessary for most of today’s professional dictators and continues to dominate the market even with the introduction of the new DS-5000. The DS-4000 is going to be around for a while and is still a very good choice for professional dictation and has by no means been rendered obsolete due to the introduction of the DS-5000. Don’t confuse this with the rapid, designed obsolescence we all experience with computers. The DS-5000 has numerous enhancements to the hardware as well as to the software and is certainly an excellent product.

Please feel free to read about the DS-5000 to see if the new hardware and software enhancements introduced by the DS-5000 are of value to your firm and we would be happy to talk to you about it. If not, rest assured that the DS-4000 is still an excellent choice and will certainly serve your needs for some time to come. A mixed environment of DS-4000’s and DS-5000’s is possible so even if you wish to upgrade your newer users, you can still continue to use your existing DS-4000’s with confidence.

• Slide Switch Operation is quiet and easy to use, resulting in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity.
• Records in DSS (Digital Speech Standard) format, developed primarily to meet dictation and transcription needs.
• Record more than 11 hours of superb quality DSS audio with the included 32MB xD-Picture Card and up to 179 hours, 30 minutes with a 512MB card.
• Improved DSS Player Pro software provides automatic download and backup of recordings; automatic distribution of recordings via email or FTP to other users; direct recording onto your PC; managing and changing settings on your recorder; playing and editing of recordings on your PC; and automatic retrieval of typed documents and much more.
• Compact design and light metal finish combine for a recorder with a professional look and feel and large easy to read LCD with backlight
• Dual function cradle for recharging of Ni-MH battery pack and downloading data to a PC.
• Two programmable buttons, A and B, to implement functions per user dictation preferences.
• Choose between two combinations of recording modes, SP or LP, and recording sensitivity, Dictate or Conference, to suit your recording needs.
• The DS-4000's automatic voice activation keeps recordings free from dead space and saves recording capacity and time during transcription.
• Up to 10 users ID's and 10 Work Types can be programmed on the recorder to support user environment where recorders are exchanged amongst professionals
• Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for added convenience automatically charges when the recorder is placed in the cradle.
• The DS-4000 allows for easy editing of existing recordings by appending, overwriting, inserting, and erasing or partial-erase of recording.
• The DS-4000 recorder can categorically classify and store recording in any of the 7 different folders that can be programmed on the recorder. Each folder can store up to 199 messages per folder.
• Designed to withstand the heavy usage of the professional user. Durable switches and connectors of the DS-4000 are designed to eliminate or minimize the down time.
• When the DS-4000 is left unused and in stop mode for a set amount of time, it will automatically shut itself off.
• The DS-4000 transfer rate of dictation from the recorder to PC or vise versa has been improved to reduce time spent waiting for the transfer process to finish.
• The DS-4000 will automatically synchronize its clock with your PC using the DSS Player Pro Dictation software.
• The DSS Player Pro Dictation software supports encryption of dictations before sending as email attachments or via FTP.
• The DS-4000 supports hands-free recording with the optional RS-25 footswitch. Connect the RS-25 to the cradle, place the recorder in the cradle and you are ready to go.
• Multi-level alarms can be enabled and set to meet various needs.
• The DS-4000 supports and displays language in English, French, and German.
• Splash screen automatically displays default time of day greeting when DS-4000 is turned on, or you can program your own greeting (up to 20 characters).
• Compatible with IBM Via Voice for Windows®.




Technical Specs
Recording Format DSS (Digital Speech Standard)
Recording Media xD-Picture Card: 16 to 512MB
Recording Time With included 32MB card:
SP mode: 5 hours, 10 minutes
LP mode: 11 hours, 5 minutes
Card Format N/A
Input Level -70 dBv
PC Interface USB
Folders Messages 1 to 7 folders/199 messages per folder
Sampling Frequency SP mode: 12 kHz
LP mode: 8 kHz
Overall Frequency Response SP mode: 300 to 5,000 Hz
LP mode: 300 to 3,000 Hz
LP Mode Yes
Voice Activation Yes
Demographic Data Input Author ID, Work Type, Date/Time, Priority, Index, etc.
Practical Maximum Output 180 mW or more
Write Protection No
Speaker Built in ø28mm round dynamic speaker
Microphone Jack ø3.5mm mini-jack, impedance MIC 2k
Earphone Jack ø3.5mm mini-jack, impedance EAR 8 or more
Power Supply 3V
Batteries Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR402) or two (2) AAA batteries or two (2) Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (BR401)
External Power Supply No
Battery Life Alkaline: Recording (approx. 20 hours); Playback (approx. 12 hours)
Ni-MH Rechargeable: Recording (approx. 15 hours); Playback (approx. 10 hours)
Size 110.2 x 50.0 x 16.9 mm (without protrusions)
Weight 103 g (including Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack (BR402)

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